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Independent Retail News is the UK’s only monthly magazine written exclusively for owners and proprietors of independent grocery outlets, based in UK and Ireland, who have fewer than ten stores.

The magazine is committed to fighting for the rights of independent retailers, who have come to trust and rely on the title to help them run their business.

Annual supplements to Independent Retail News include: Guide to Convenience Retailing, Fascia Guide and Convenience MustStocks.

If your job position matches one from the list below, you are entitled to receive free print copies of the magazine:

    • Owner/Proprietor/Partner, Manager, Director or Chairman/CEO’s of independent retail outlets whose primary business is in the retailing of food, soft and alcoholic drinks, confectionery, chilled, snacks, tobacco, local produce, newspapers or magazines
    • Manager of chain(s) wholly owned by wholesales
    • Owner/Proprietor/Partner, Manager of retail outlets which are part of a retail/symbol group
    • Chairperson, Director, Buyer, Manager, Owner and Individual in marketing/planning or merchandising in cash & carry s and delivered wholesalers who supply the above product groups
    • Manager of garage forecourts

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