Republic Technologies to remove Strike Anywhere matches


Republic Technologies is set to remove all Strike Anywhere match formats from its range ahead of changes in EU regulations this spring.

This includes products available under Swan Vestas and Cook’s Matches brands, which will switch to Safety Matches from the end of March and early April.

Gavin Anderson, general sales manager for Republic Technologies, said: “We are proactively making this move ahead of EU regulations, which will result in the chemicals required to produce Strike Anywhere matches no longer being available after 31 May 2018.

“We have worked closely with our suppliers, taking a number of factors into account including environmental impact, customer feedback, safety and ongoing production costs.”

Republic Technologies says Safety Matches remain the bestselling format for consumers looking for a reliable, high-performance match at a great price point.

Over the coming weeks as the products are phased out, Republic Technologies will be communicating directly with its retail, wholesale and cash & carry customers to offer guidance on the change.