AG Barr unveils Rubicon Street Drinks range


Barr Soft Drinks is set to launch a range of drinks inspired by the street food trend.

The Street Drinks range consists of Sharbat, a Turkish drink with pomegranate and rose flavours; Agua Fresca, a Mexican drink with watermelon, lime and mint flavours; Nimbu Pani, an Indian drink with lemon, cumin and mint flavours and Bissap, an African drink with hibiscus and ginger flavours.

Barr Soft Drinks marketing director Adrian Troy, said: “Street food has captured the imagination of UK consumers in recent years and now Rubicon Street Drinks will enable consumers to discover a world of exciting, new soft drinks, using authentic flavours from the world’s hottest streets.

“People are becoming much more adventurous and are keen to explore new and fun flavours, both in food and drink. They are very motivated by authenticity and provenance and want to know the story of where the product comes from.”

Brand research found that the range performed well among 18-34-year-olds, with more than 70% of shoppers expressing “an intent” to buy the range and 95% of shoppers saying they thought the range was “modern, different, adventurous and eye catching.”

The launch will be supported with £2m brand investment, including a summer-long programme of marketing support featuring nationwide consumer sampling and POS kits to create in-store theatre.

Bar Soft Drinks recommends retailers merchandise new Rubicon Street Drinks in a “connecting cultures” section within their chillers, to tap into the “growing demand for interesting and different flavours from around the world.”

Rubicon Street Drinks will be available from July in 330×12 cases, retailing at 79p per can.

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