Kelly’s of Cornwall unveils second Cornish language TV advert


Kelly’s of Cornwall is launching its second TV advert spoken in Cornish on 14 May.

The advert will run across TV channels including ITV and Channel 4 until 3 June, supported by a £2m media campaign running across digital advertising, instore activation and sampling.

Charlotte Hambling, head of UK marketing at brand owner Froneri, said: “Our insights tell us that staying true to our Cornish heritage and celebrating our dairy ice cream plays an integral role in the purchase decision for our consumer.

“As the UK’s leading Cornish ice cream brand, we will continue to demonstrate our provenance and command stand out, offering a different taste experience and a perfect accompaniment to favourite British desserts.

“Formed around the free-spirited personality of the brand, this new ad campaign playfully showcases our high-quality ingredients, flavour range and strong heritage credentials.”

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