Walkers launches ‘Poppables’ range in the UK


Walkers is bringing its Poppables crisp range to the UK, following a “huge success” in the US.

Available from the end of May, the range will include Sweet Chilli, Cheddar Cheese and BBQ Ribs flavours in 110g sharing bags, retailing at £1.99.

The Sweet Chilli variant will also be available in 25g and 60g bags, retailing at 65p and £1 respectively.

Kate Charman, brand manager at PepsiCo, said: “We are seeing strong growth from the sharing segment and anticipate the launch of Poppables driving growth through a fun, new shaped snack, perfect for the ‘big night in’ occasion.

“With a strong performance already demonstrated in the US, we look forward to mirroring that success in the UK. We anticipate the brand engaging shoppers with its flavour-packed fun shape as we aim to drive additional traffic, and ultimately purchases, at the sharing fixture.”

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