Walkers launches ‘Choose Me or Lose Me’ flavour campaign


Walkers is set to launch a campaign allowing consumers a vote to swap a classic flavour for a new flavour.

Three UK Walkers flavours will be up against three flavours from around the world, in a consumer vote to swap one for the other. The flavour combinations are Salt & Vinegar vs Lime & Black Pepper (Australia), Prawn Cocktail vs Paprika (Spain), and Smoky Bacon vs Bacon & Cheddar (USA).

The company have chosen these flavour combinations because they claim they are the most regularly bought variants in the UK and in their own countries.

Thomas Barkholt, marketing director at PepsiCo, said: “The campaign is based on the importance of snacks to British consumers and the opportunity to have their say.

“Our consumers feel passionately about their favourite Walkers flavours and we wanted to give them the opportunity to vote in regards to which flavours will be staying on shelves.

“We know consumers love our flavour campaigns and retailers benefit enormously from the buzz they generate. We are confident that by bringing back the voting element, this campaign will really capture consumers’ interest, stimulating demand and driving growth in the savoury snacks category.”

The Walkers “Choose Me or Lose Me” campaign will run from 14 August to the 22 October.

Promotional packs will be available from 31 July in 32.5g single and price-marked packs, 50g grab bags, and multi-pack formats