Tangerine Confectionery adds new products to Barratt portfolio


Tangerine Confectionery has added Sour Bon Bons and Fruity Coconut Mushrooms to its Barratt brand.

Sour Bon Bons include sour cherry, apple, lemon, and blue raspberry flavours, retailing at £1 for a 180g sharing bag.

The addition follows the recent launch of Sour Apple DipDab and is “expected to be popular” with consumers. The brand said the demand for sour sweets “continues to grow year on year”, increasing by 80% since 2016.

Fruity Coconut Mushrooms include lemon, orange, raspberry, blackcurrant, and lime flavours, retailing at £1 for a 175g sharing bag. Tangerine Confectionery said the popularity of coconut-flavoured products has “soared” over the last few years, as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of its nutritional benefits.

Russell Tanner, marketing and category director at Tangerine Confectionery, said: “Our research has shown that a key global trend for 2018 continues to be ‘kidulting’, the popularity of treats and sweets geared towards adult consumers who are looking for ways to relive their childhood and eat the sweets that remind them of their youth.”

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