Pladis launches Flipz snack in the UK


Pladis has launched its Flipz chocolate-covered pretzel snack in the UK, after the variant saw “double-digit growth” in the last three years in the US.

The snack will be available in the convenience channel from July in Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate variants, retailing at £1.50 for a 100g bag.

Sarah Horowitz, director of the new ventures business unit at Pladis, said: “We have seen sweet and savoury flavour combinations growing in popularity in the UK, although so far it has been largely limited to popcorn and nuts. Research suggests that almost one in six consumers would be interested in a savoury snack with chocolate.

“Chocolate-covered pretzels are a consumer favourite in the US and we are excited to bring the Flipz brand and snacking experience UK consumers.”

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