Welsh government set to unveil DRS plans


The Welsh government is set to announce that it will seek to work towards a UK-wide deposit return system (DRS) in Wales.

Ahead of a speech this afternoon, Welsh minister Hannah Blythyn, said: “I am currently considering Wales’ involvement in a UK-wide deposit return scheme. Developing approaches on a UK wide basis can be less complicated for consumers and better for businesses who have told us they prefer this approach, particularly as we prepare for Brexit.”

The Scottish government announced plans in September last year to introduce a deposit return scheme in Scotland, while the English government is seeking to consult on the issue for England in the coming months.

Drinking water in public places will be increased as Wales wants to be the world’s first ‘Refill Nation’.

James Lowman, ACS chief executive, said: “Governments in different parts of the UK are rightly considering ways to improve recycling rates and reduce litter, and it is good to see ministers in Wales working to develop the best UK-wide approach.

“Convenience stores are keen to play their part in improving recycling rates, but current DRS proposals raise more questions than answers about implementation, cost and availability space in stores.”

A recent survey of 1,210 UK independent retailers found that 71% thought a deposit return scheme would be impractical to implement due to the space that it would require in their stores.

In addition, a Populus poll of 2,000 consumers in the UK found that 70% would prefer to use kerbside household recycling facilities over a deposit return system for bottles and cans.

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