Nisa store doubles takings after refit


London-based Nisa store Buggsi’s, on Bramley Road in North Kensington, has seen its turnover double and sales of fresh produce rocket following a complete refit.

The store was selling just £70 worth of fruit and vegetables a week before the 1,000sq ft store was stripped out and converted into Nisa’s Store of the Future Evolution format.

The one standard sized, open fridge, which offered two to three bays, was removed and replaced with a bank of modern, upright, doored chillers presenting some 17 bays for chilled products.

The store now takes at least £70 every day on fresh goods and, on the busiest days, stock can sell out before the next delivery arrives.

Rikesh Patel – who runs the store alongside his father, who bought the store 30 years ago – said: “We simply can’t keep up with the chilled range. We have sold more ready meals in the last two months since the re-fit than we have in the whole of the last two years of stocking them.”

Patel worked with Nisa Retail development manager, Richard Shorney, to extend his range, increase average basket spend to almost £8, and increase business to around 5,700 shoppers every week.

Shorney said: “In my 20 years in retail this is possibly one of the best and effective refits I have seen. It has had such a dramatic impact on sales figures and the store is really over-performing for the space it is in.”

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