Co-op outlines plans for Nisa


The Co-op says Nisa members will have access to price reductions of up to 20% across some lines, have access to more than 800 Co-op own-brand lines, and 100 new branded lines following the merger of the two groups.

Nisa members will also be given access to Co-op promotions, which will be specially selected to grow trade in their stores.

The specific details of the price reductions will be shared with retailers in the coming weeks, the Co-op added. In addition, the new-look Nisa executive team will meet with retailers at six regional roadshows to be held in June.

The roadshows will also look at the issue of new franchisees.

Jo Whitfield, chief executive of Co-op Retail, said: “We will be holding conversations over the first few months to understand the level of interest from people to become franchisees. We would be hoping to see some stores opening as franchisees before the end of the year. We will be having conversations at the roadshows to understand what the franchisee proposition will look like.

“Our criteria isn’t a fixed checklist, it’s about working with people, the local opportunity, the location, and what they believe they could deliver as a grocer themselves if they come on-board.”

Meanwhile, Whitfield said the Co-op is committed to the Heritage brand and has no intention of phasing it out because it is valued by Nisa retailers.

“We will keep Heritage going provided they still want it and it adds value, we will continue to develop it and ensure it is available,” she said.

In addition, the Co-op is well-known for using technology in-store to improve efficiency and customer service, Whitfield said these will be considered for Nisa retailers.

The Co-op is also confident that Nisa has the ability to win new supply contracts, like the one it has with Costcutter, because the takeover brings scale.

“We genuinely feel Nisa is a great home for independent retailers to thrive in. We are committed to enabling them to better meet their customer needs in a fast-changing market. Nisa is a fantastic wholesale business and a great wholesale brand and we are excited to be continuing on the journey together,” added Whitfield.

“We’ve got a great position of strength in terms of our on-going momentum and the way we are growing our businesses … we are well positioned to compete in the evolving market and we are very focused on our own strategy to ensure we are as strong as we can be.”

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