63% of shoppers could be tempted into a store by beacon technology, survey finds


According to a recent survey by Vista Retail Support, consumers are keen to have discount codes and special offers pushed to their smartphones, with 63% saying they could be persuaded to enter a store by a push notification sent to their smart device via beacon technology.

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • 83% would like discount codes to be sent to their smart devices
  • 84% want notifications about special offers available only on that day
  • 61% would welcome personalised offers based on their individual preferences
  • 59% said they want cashback on purchases in exchange for downloading a store’s app

Vista Retail Support sales and marketing director Richard Cottrell said: “These results show that retailers who use beacon technology to send notifications could give themselves a substantial advantage in the battle for customer footfall.

“This power of persuasion really does work and retailers must look to new technology to attract customers. In this respect, beacons certainly present a real opportunity.”

The research also revealed that 83% of consumers would block beacon messaging completely if they received too many notifications. 71% said irrelevant messages or offers would have the same effect. The majority (54%) said they would only want to receive one notification in a store.

“It is worth striking a note of caution,” added Cottrell. “Retailers will almost certainly turn off more customers than they attract if they get it wrong and bombard customers with too many messages.”

Source: Vista Retail Support