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UK consumer says ‘oui’ to French apples

18 May
13:20 2012

The 2011/2012 season has been a positive one for French apples, according to the French trade association for fresh fruit and vegetables, INTERFEL, with promotional activity throughout the season ensuring increased awareness and sales for Le Crunch.

As the biggest export market for French apples, the UK has been the main focus of INTERFEL’s promotional activity this season. The Le Crunch campaign has incorporated price promotions, on-pack promotions, leaflet distribution, promotional gifts and competitions, including opportunities to win an iPad or one of 25 family trips to Disneyland.

Promotions took place between September 2011 and May 2012 in a number of the major multiples including Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and The Co-operative Food, as well as through wholesalers’ markets across the country.

400 different types of apple are grown in France, with Gala, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Golden and Pink Lady being the most popular varieties in the UK, where French apples represent 31.5% of all apples sold. A diverse and delicious range, each has its own unique qualities thanks to the soil, climate and culture in which it has been cultivated.

Le Crunch apple growers are passionate about their products and adhere to a strictly controlled Charter developed more than 10 years ago, which provides a guarantee in terms of quality, provenance and expertise. The independently regulated Charter focuses on best practice, including hand-picking, an eco-friendly approach to agriculture and traceability from the orchard to the consumer.

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