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JTI launches new limited edition pack inspired by summer

22 May
14:38 2012

JTI is introducing a new limited edition pack design for its Premium cigarette brand, Camel. Inspired by summer, the new pack will be introduced in three colour variants – Red, Yellow and Green. The new designs will be rolled out nationally across Camel Blue 20s from June, and will be available in all sales channels for two months only.

Camel is the sixth biggest-selling cigarette brand in the world, selling more than 8.3 million packs every year in the UK. The Premium cigarette sector currently accounts for a substantial 22% volume share of the UK cigarette market, and provides the opportunity for premium profits.

Jeremy Blackburn, head of communications at JTI, said: “Camel is a Premium American blend cigarette which continues to grow year-on-year, and is particularly popular within major cities across the UK. The brand’s current success, combined with the opportunity for generous profit margins provided by Premium cigarettes, make the new limited edition packs a must-stock for tobacco retailers.

“Retailers should also be aware of any large scale international events happening in their local area this summer, and stock up on international brands such as Camel to meet the increase in customer footfall.”

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