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Orangina launch new advert packed with animal magnetism

04 August
00:00 2008
Orangina, the leading adult soft drink, is returning to TV screens from Friday 1st August with a new highly impactful advert as part of a national £1m TV Campaign.

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Orangina’s premium, adult natural positioning continues to drive a brand value growth of +5% year on year to June 2008 in a total soft drinks market that is flat.

Already a huge success in France following its launch late last year, the 60 second advert has become an online phenomenon viewed over 3 million times across all websites.

The advert was conceived around the concept of “Pulpeuse” which in French has a double meaning: ‘containing pulp’ and also ‘sexy’ or ‘voluptuous’. Using this play on words French based agency FFL Paris who created the advert have succeeded in combining the juiciness and sexiness of the Orangina brand.

Head of Marketing, Adrian Troy said: “The advert has enjoyed a phenomenal response in France where Orangina is famous for its iconic advertising and we’re delighted to be able to bring this fantastic advert over for the UK audience to see. Through the music and incredible animation, it really celebrates the ‘joie de vivre’ (or ‘joy of living’) feeling which Orangina encapsulates. We’re certain it will be a truly memorable experience which will get everyone talking about and enjoying Orangina.”

The 60-second advert, centres around a love story between an alluring doe and masculine bear before erupting into a dance music spectacular featuring a whole host of unusual characters from the animal kingdom. The ad certainly taps into the seductive nature of the Mediterranean which is also reflected in the curves of the brands iconic bulby bottle. The commercial which was directed by Psyop, a group of US directors, took four months to produce between agencies in London and Paris. It combines spectacular motion capture and computer generated images with traditional cinematographic techniques resulting in one of the most visually impressive adverts ever created.

Executive Creative Directors, Fred & Farid, from FFL Paris said: “Around twenty Art Directors created the animals and then we asked Psyops to recreate everything in CGI and make these animals come alive. It is a truly impressive team that was put into place, and we shared a common vision of the film. We tried thousands of tunes but we couldn’t find the right one. As soon as we heard ‘I Like It Like That’, it was obvious to everyone that it was perfect. We have never made a campaign that post tested so well. People love it.”

The adverts’ UK premiere will be screened at 9.30pm on Friday 1st August on E4 during ‘How to Look Good Naked’ and will continue to be shown post-watershed throughout August.

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