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New Domestos total cleaning system

New Domestos total cleaning system
31 January
17:04 2011

Photo of Domestos Zero Limescale 750ml FO 871160029277 225x300Domestos, the No.1 cleaning brand from Unilever UK, is investing a whopping £7.5m in a major campaign to fight germs on all fronts. This includes introducing the Domestos ‘Total Cleaning System’, a portfolio of outstanding new products and range reformulations to reinforce its position as leader in ‘germ kill’, which will be on shelf from January.

Domestos brand manager, Hannah Thompson, says, “By increasing Domestos’ repertoire we will also increase the brand’s usage. Multiple toilet households are more common now than ever before so this is the perfect time to inform consumers about the most effective toilet products to use, which are all included in the new total system from Domestos. This launch will make Domestos, the leader in germ kill, the first and only brand to offer a complete cleaning solution.”

The ‘Total Cleaning System’ consists of four products; a brand new toilet cleaning gel and toilet block that kill germs as they freshen, which support ultra-powerful and thickest limescale remover on the market and Domestos’ 24 HR bleach, one bottle of which is sold every second in the UK2. This range of products offer outstanding cleaning and each product in the range provides impressive benefits

The new products present a great opportunity for Domestos to cement its position as the No. 1 expert in the toilet sector. Marketing activity to support the launch will run across TV, press, radio and digital and the complete range is available in major multiples and convenience stores.

Source: Domestos

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