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Henkel expands its Loctite range

22 May
14:30 2012

Henkel, the leading manufacturer of adhesive technologies, is expanding its Loctite range with the launch of three new formulations to ensure consumers can repair securely and reliably. Loctite Hybrid Glue, Ultra Repair and Water Resistant Super Glue, available on-shelf from May 2012, will enable customers to fix and repair those treasured possessions and household items that would otherwise have to be thrown away or replaced.

Developed using Loctite’s industrial expertise, Loctite Hybrid Glue combines the flexibility of silicone resins with the strong bonding power of polyurethanes to give waterproof, strong, flexible bonding, even if the items to be bonded are wet. The extra strong and versatile adhesive is ideal for day-to-day and DIY repairs, both inside and outside the home. Loctite Hybrid Glue features a precision applicator nozzle, a shock, temperature and water resistant formula that is repositionable for up to five minutes.  Ideal for quick and easy fixes with no waste, Loctite Hybrid Glue is perfect for bonding a wide range of materials and surfaces.

Loctite Ultra Repair is an innovative malleable putty that incorporates epoxy technology. The multi-purpose, easy to use putty is ideal for small household repair tasks including bonding, filling and re-building. Once fully dry it is sandable, paintable, as well as drillable and can be used on most materials.

Loctite Water Resistant Super Glue combines the unbeatable instant, shock resistant bonding power of Loctite Super Glue together with “Silicotec” hydrophobic technology that provides new and unique water resistant properties – ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom and reassuringly in the current climate, the garden. The adhesive passes the stringent tests according to European Standard BS EN 204 required for classification as a water resistant (D2) wood adhesive.

Loctite Water Resistant Super Glue is ideal for all repair jobs across a range of materials and surfaces including china, metal, rubber, leather, wood, plastic and paper. In addition, the flagship Loctite Super Glue Universal and Universal Control are now dishwasher resistant, perfect for repairing crockery, utensils and other kitchen equipment.

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