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Heinz launches new range of puddings

19 February
00:00 2008
Heinz is expanding its presence in the dessert sector with the launch of two new ambient desserts: Gorgeous Classic Creamy Custard and Delicious Creamy Rice Pudding to re-new the nation’s love affair with the Great British pudding.

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Aimed at families who want to enjoy great tasting classic puddings, the Custard and Rice Pudding varieties, both made to ‘home-style’ recipes, will join Heinz’s iconic range of sponge puddings under the new banner: ‘Taste of Home’.

The range will feature seven new and six re-launched products in the new Taste of Home packaging.

“There is a great deal of nostalgia among British consumers for traditional, hearty and great tasting puddings such as treacle sponge and rice pudding,” says Christina Honigfort, Brand Manager Heinz Desserts.

“However, the ambient desserts category isn’t fulfilling this demand. People want truly indulgent, home-style recipes. With a strong, albeit small, foothold in the category already, Heinz is using its trusted name and loyal following to breathe new life into ambient desserts with the launch of the Taste of Home range, which responds to consumers’ appetite for Great British classics.”

The current sponge pudding recipes have been improved and include Scrumptious Strawberry Jam Pudding, Super Sticky Treacle Pudding, Irresistible Sticky Toffee Pudding, Delightful Spotted Dick Pudding and Indulgent Chocolate Puddings.

They will also be available for the first time in microwaveable pot formats in single serve portions.

The 2008 launches will be supported by a £3m marketing support plan including a national sampling campaign to emphasise the difference in taste and quality that Heinz is bringing to the category.

The much-loved Heinz brand stands for great tasting food for families all over the UK,” says Christina. “The Taste of Home range builds and extends these Heinz brand values, giving consumers of ambient desserts a new delicious choice to take home. The launch demonstrates Heinz’s commitment to invest in both our traditional categories as well as new ones, lending our trusted name to stimulate category growth, and sales for our retail partners.”

The Taste of Home activity is part of a long term plan to create a desserts business worth £25 million with a 9% share of the market within three years. It will generate new interest and grow sales in the Ambient Desserts category, which is worth £380 million and is bought by almost the entire country (93%).

Compared to growth in the Chilled Desserts category it has been lagging behind a little in recent times (-1.1%), as Total Desserts (+2.6%) and Indulgent foods in general (+11%) are on the up.

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