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Heinz extends its ambient desserts range

17 September
00:00 2008
Heinz is adding Heinz Fruit to its range of ambient desserts this Autumn, as well as light versions of its custard and rice pudding products.

The Heinz desserts range, now consisting of 18 products, has been created to satisfy a growing trend among consumers for products that have a great home-made taste, but are quick and simple to prepare.

Heinz Fruit comes in three varieties: Peaches in Juice, Fruit Cocktail in Juice and Tropical Fruit Cocktail in Banana Purée & Passion Fruit Juice.

The new desserts will appeal to consumers who have an increasing need for convenient, single serve portions of fruit for a range of eating occasions such as healthy lunch boxes or after dinner puddings. Heinz Fruit will also provide health conscious consumers with an alternative snack.

The Fruit Pots category has grown by +46 per cent value in three years and has been fundamental in driving category value and volume growth. Of particular appeal to families with children, who account for almost 50 per cent of spend in the fruit category, Heinz Fruit pots are a fun, tasty way for families to add to their children’s fruit intake.

“Heinz is investing further into the ambient desserts category,” says Christina Honigfort, Senior Brand Manager Heinz Desserts. “Heinz Fruit pots are handy portions of fruit that give consumers more choice and dessert ideas as well as providing one of the recommended 5-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables.”

Following the launch of Heinz Taste of Home desserts in February 2008, Heinz is also expanding its canned dessert offering for more health conscious consumers.

Heinz Taste of Home Gorgeous Light Classic Custard and Heinz Taste of Home Delicious Light Rice Pudding will appeal to consumers who want to eat healthily but don’t want to give up on the treats they love or the taste satisfaction.

Almost 50 per cent of UK households say that they actively control fat in their diets and avoid saturated fats and the light custard and rice pudding category is an established market accounting for 19 per cent of Canned Custard and Rice Pudding, while in +7 per cent value growth.

“The new Heinz Taste of Home Gorgeous Light Classic Custard and Heinz Taste of Home Delicious Light Rice Pudding give health conscious consumers the choice to continue to tuck into their favourite desserts,” says Honigfort. “Heinz’s light recipes deliver the same great taste as the other home-style recipes in the Taste of Home desserts range.”

The new Taste of Home launches form the second stage of Heinz’s investment to reinvigorate the Ambient Desserts category, which is worth £388 million and is bought by almost the entire country (93%).

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