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Bart Spices links with oldest restaurant for Indian chutney range

23 June
00:00 2008
Bart Spices has introduced a new range of speciality Indian accompaniments developed with the legendary Veeraswamy, the UK’s oldest Indian restaurant.

The range comprises five chutneys and pickles and is made in India using recipes inspired by Veeraswamy’s classic Indian cuisine.

Bart Spices and Veeraswamy have previously collaborated on a successful range of co-branded curry pastes.

The new selection of accompaniments breathes fresh flavour into their relationship and celebrates their shared passion for real Indian food.

Matthew Shaw, sales and marketing director at Bart Spices says: “Our new chutneys and pickles are packed with wonderful flavours and there’s plenty of chilli included to appeal to heat lovers.

“The chunky square jars hint at the heritage of the Indian recipes that we’ve used and the label designs reflect Veeraswamy’s long and proud culinary history.

“British consumers continue their love affair with curries throughout the year and our new Veeraswamy range gives real Indian food enthusiasts further options to trade up and re-create restaurant meal experiences at home.”

• Veeraswamy Mango Bengal Spice Chutney contains 40% mango pieces along with ginger, chilli, kalonji and cumin.

• Veeraswamy Lime Chilli Chutney has a powerful citrus acidity and is a perfect partner to other intense flavours.

• Veeraswamy Mango Chilli Chutney contains 30% mango pieces and red chilli and ginger, which are mixed with lime juice to add natural sharpness.

• Veeraswamy Garlic Masala Pickle is a classic accompaniment packed with delicious garlic, a central ingredient to so many Indian dishes.

• Veeraswamy Green Chilli Pickle contains 70% green chilli to pack a real punch and also includes mustard, fenugreek, turmeric and asafoetida.

Selected lines from the new range of Veeraswamy Bart Spices Indian accompaniments are listed in Waitrose stores, priced at £1.99.

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