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R&R announces new Winter ice cream range

04 September
00:00 2008
R&R Ice Cream is delighted to announce the launch of six pieces of exciting and targeted NPD, timed to arrive for the winter ice cream sales peak over the festive period.

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The new Smarties Party Ice Cream, Thornton’s Individual Indulgence Collection, Toffee Crumble Cone and the huge value Lyons Maid ice cream brick, Sandwich and arctic roll will be available to retailers from mid September. All six pieces of NPD will be supported across all channels with specific in-store activity to generate consumer awareness at point of purchase.

Charlotte Hambling, Senior Brand Manager at R&R Ice Cream, comments: “We are really excited about this latest range of new products as they will not only add value to the category, but also raise consumer interest in desserts over the key winter season coming up to Christmas. While we are responding to market trends for individualization and indulgence with the new offering from Thornton’s we are equally mindful of the credit crunch and have responded accordingly by launching the Smarties Party Ice Cream as well as additions to our Huge Value range with Toffee Crumble Cone and the range of Lyons Maid family favourites.”

Smarties Party Ice Cream
Building on the success that Nestlé ice cream has developed with the After Eight dessert, which was launched this time last year, the new Smarties Party Ice Cream will be available in store from mid September. Priced at just £2 in an price marked pack to highlight the great value offering, the new 700ml Smarties Party Ice Cream is made up of a chocolate outer shell, with smooth chocolate and vanilla ice cream, the latter having crushed Smarties running through it, all covered in whole Mini-Smarties and white chocolate stars.

Playing on the fun and engaging element of the brand and injecting some much needed excitement into the desserts category, the new Smarties Party Ice Cream features interactive packaging for the consumer, giving tips for kids and adults alike on how to hold the best Smarties party. Within ice cream, the Smarties brand is worth £9m in annual sales, therefore the new Smarties Party Ice Cream will continue to build on this success and will also benefit from the parent brand support during the remainder of 2008.

Charlotte Hambling comments: “The iconic Smarties brand has massive appeal and already enjoys huge consumer awareness in areas other than confectionery such as cakes and ambient desserts, so we are expecting the transition to ice cream to be a big success. It’s not only fun for kids, but importantly it’s trusted by Mums as a brand, and so the new Smarties Party Ice Cream will deliver a healthy profit margin for savvy retailers who stock up.”

Thornton’s Individual Indulgence Collection
Following on from the successful launch of the Thornton’s Luxury Ice Cream Sticks at the start of the year, the new Thornton’s Individual Indulgence Collection consists of four 130ml highly decadent ice cream desserts to choose from. Priced at RRP £3.99, there are four flavours which use unique Thornton’s ingredients and real indulgent dairy ice cream: dark chocolate truffle, vanilla truffle, hazelnut praline and rich toffee. The Thornton’s Individual Indulgence Collection is the perfect portion controlled treat, all wrapped up in elegant yet eye-catching packaging which has been specifically designed for the target audience.

Charlotte Hambling comments: “The new Thornton’s Individual Indulgence Collection is a real extravagance and perfect for sharing, entertaining or for simply as a treat in the evening! The quality of the Thornton’s brand commands premium positioning in-store and a premium price point and we are confident that retailers will recognize and take advantage of the current consumer trend for indulgence.”

Toffee Crumble Cone
With the Toffee Crumble brand already worth over £1.8m in annual sales in take home ice cream alone, R&R has taken the opportunity to launch a four pack of the Toffee Crumble Cone into the Huge Value range. Priced at just £1 on a price-marked pack, the new four pack of Toffee Crumble Cone will drive product trial among the target audience.

Charlotte Hambling comments: “The Toffee Crumble Stick established excellent rate of sale during the summer of this year, and as a result we are capitalizing on the consumer awareness of the brand with the launch of the Toffee Crumble Cone into the Huge Value range. Retailers wanting to cash in on the popularity of the brand should stock up.”

Lyons Maid
The new Lyons Maid Arctic Roll and Ice Cream Brick will form part of the £1 huge value range from R&R. The 1l Brick and the 250g Arctic Roll, which is Lyons Maid vanilla ice cream wrapped in a thin layer of sponge cake to form a roll, with jam between the sponge and the ice cream will be available in store from mid September.

Also available in store from mid September is the Lyons Maid Sandwich. Priced at £2 for a pack of eight, the Lyons Maid Sandwich is delicious vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two wafers, dipped in chocolate.

Charlotte Hambling concludes: “By bringing back the Lyons Maid brand to family dinner tables across the country, we will be tapping into the great nostalgia the brand enjoys, as well as the strong consumer heritage and high levels of consumer awareness and trust within the brand. With our new Lyons Maid products, we are taking advantage of these factors and introducing a range of family favourites, as well as establishing the brand, at price points that meet the growing consumer need for value in the current economic climate.”

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