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New launch from Panda Liquorice

New launch from Panda Liquorice
15 December
14:32 2010

Panda Liquorice – the second largest licorice brand in the UK – will launch a new pair of 200g sharing bags which promise to shake up the category.

Traditional Soft Liquorice sharing bags will be available in original and raspberry flavours. The products have undergone extensive testing with liquorice consumers to ensure the taste, texture and price is just right for the supermarket shopper.

Panda Liquorice hopes to expand in 2011 – beyond its heartland of health food shops, where it has been established for 25 years – and into the multiples. The brand has continued to outgrow the majority of its competitors over the past
12 months and so is well placed for further growth. The new products will be launched in multiple grocers, convenience and forecourts in January.

Redesigned packaging delivers the liquorice in traditional brown paper-effect bag. Eye catching art work features a Panda’s face with eyes and ears made from signature liquorice pieces and a Panda logo nose!

After spending time with consumers up and down the country, Panda discovered a boom of interest in the category. For many consumers this is driven by nostalgia for liquorice eaten during a carefree childhood. Opening a bag of liquorice can evoke these happy memories and adds to the overall taste experience.

Lisa Gawthorne, Panda Liquorice spokesperson comments:
“We’re in a strong position and well established within health food shops, but there’s huge scope for growth with this brand. So 2011 sees us focusing on building distribution within convenience and forecourt. We think this bold new launch,
along with our strong existing range, is perfectly placed to take on this challenge.”

Source: Panda Liquorice

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