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Cadbury unleashes Bassetts Red Liquorice Allsorts

29 January
11:12 2009

Photo of new bassetts allsortCreating more moments of pleasure, Cadbury, the UK’s number one confectionery manufacturer is excited to announce the launch of Bassetts Red Liquorice Allsorts this month, which will include the introduction of a brand new character on pack, by the name of Betty.

Bassetts Red Liquorice Allsorts contain red liquorice and will replace Bassetts Fruit Allsorts to maximise the sales potential for retailers within the growing Liquorice category.

Betty is to become the face of Red Liquorice Allsorts; just as the traditional Bassetts Liqourice Allsorts are known for the iconic Bertie Bassett. Bertie was introduced in 1929, making this year his 80th birthday, and has become the Bassetts company symbol made from Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts.

The packaging is also red to reflect the contents inside and create instant differentiation from the Liqourice Allsorts packaging. The new product includes a Red Liquorice Betty sweet, as a fun tribute to the new character.

The launch of Bassetts Red Liquorice Allsorts will be supported by press advertising, PR and digital activity to create excitement around the introduction of Betty. The campaign will also include nationwide sampling and dedicated POB material.

Kate Harding, Trade Communications Manager at Cadbury, comments: “Liquorice is a category experiencing +4.6% growth, and worth over £50m in retail sales value.

“We know from research that the word ‘Allsorts’ resonates Liquorice, therefore we want to make the most of this opportunity by launching a red liquorice SKU to complement Bassetts Liqourice Allsorts, offering consumers more choice in this growing category.

“We are very pleased to present Betty as the face of Bassetts Red Liquorice Allsorts and we look forward to communicating some exciting news in the coming month.”

The first Bassetts sweets were made in 1842 when George Bassett founded his confectionery company in Sheffield, England.

Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts were created by accident in 1899, when accident-prone salesman Charlie Thompson tripped up, mixing up all the different sweets he was carrying, creating the weird and wonderful mix of sweets that we know and love today as Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts.

For POS or for more information and specific point of sale please call Cadbury on 0870 191 7343.

Source: Cadbury

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