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Big re-launch from Wheat Crunchies

27 June
14:25 2012

United Biscuits UK is re-launching its unique and tube shaped Wheat Crunchies brand.

With an eye catching new logo, the range features an improved taste and bigger snack size, a new Cheddar & Onion flavour and an impactful redesigned pack to draw shoppers’ attention in store.

Packing an even bigger crunch than ever before, UBUK has increased the size of each individual snack making every mouthful even more satisfying.  The flavours in the range are now even more impactful and a new Cheddar & Onion variant has been introduced, to tap into the UK’s popular taste preferences. All of which are available to crunch in both handy pack, multipack and grab bag formats.

Available to retailers now, the bold new logo and vibrant redesign is designed to communicate the big crunch and drive greater visibility on shelf, prompting shoppers to purchase.

Wheat Crunchies handypacks are also available with 25% extra weight at an MRRP of just 49p, which delivers visible value for money and reassure shoppers that they are getting a great deal. This will drive sales for retailers so we’d recommend they get stocked up now.

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