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Belvita begins a breakfast revolution!

26 January
16:50 2010

Photo of belvita Kraft Foods is launching Belvita Breakfast – a biscuit that looks set to revolutionise the biscuit category.

Belvita Breakfast are delicious biscuits specially designed for breakfast. Made with wholegrain they are rich in cereals, contain vitamins and are a source of fibre.

An individually wrapped pack of 4 biscuits, enjoyed as part of a balanced breakfast, regularly releases carbohydrates over 4 hours to keep you going all morning.

The product has already seen huge success in Europe where it revolutionised the category, creating a whole new breakfast biscuit segment in markets such as France.

Jos McNulty, director of biscuits at Kraft Foods UK and Ireland, said: “Belvita Breakfast are delicious, crunchy biscuits specially designed for breakfast – perfect for those busy mornings”.

“This is a completely new concept designed to revolutionise the biscuit category. With our track record of successful launches of Oreo and Mikado, we are very excited about this next groundbreaking innovation.

“Belvita Breakfast is an exciting opportunity for retailers to take the biscuit category into the next decade.”

In the UK, two SKUs will be available: a 300g box containing six individually wrapped packs of four biscuits (available in Milk & Cereals and Fruit & Fibre variants), and a 50g pack containing one individually wrapped pack of four biscuits for on the go purchase (available in the Milk & Cereals variant).

Source: Kraft


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