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Sainsbury’s get ‘best of British’ Moo milk

26 September
15:49 2012

This week Milk Link has begun to supply its full range of Moo long life milk to Sainsbury’s, significantly boosting the retailer’s British milk credentials.

Manufactured at Milk Link’s Crediton Dairy in Devon and made from British milk produced by its co-operative of dairy farmers, Moo’s UK origins will help support Sainsbury’s in its aim to double the amount of British food it sells.

As part of the move, Milk Link has revamped the Moo carton design, bringing it in line with its organic long life range, Moo Organic, which is already stocked by Sainsbury’s. The manufacturer is also planning to undertake a strong promotional campaign to attract Sainsbury’s shoppers to long life milk.

The full Moo range will include 1 litre cartons in skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk variants, 500ml cartons in skimmed and semi-skimmed variants, and 6 x 1 litre packs in skimmed and semi-skimmed variants.

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