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Mariani Beef Jerky launches in the UK

23 May
11:29 2012

Mariani Foods, the leading producer of premium Australian beef jerky, announce the launch of their soft beef jerky into the UK market.

Mariani has been producing premium jerky for over 30 years and supplying into the Australian, Asian and Middle Eastern markets. This month the company is launching into the UK market with their SOFT beef jerky, which is 95% fat free and unlike most of the harder jerky’s currently available.

The company has plans to extend their range into the UK over the next few months. The introduction of soft beef jerky first is a strategic move to bring something new to the category and in doing so educating the UK consumers about the textures and flavour jerky can offer.

Mariani soft beef jerky is made from selected free roaming grass fed cattle; the beef is hand cut to ensure the right thickness and to enhance the authentic meaty flavour.

The RRP for Mariani Soft Beef Jerky is £1.99 and is available nationally in Tesco and Costco stores as well as selected independent wholesalers and petrol forecourt chains.

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