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Loseley introduces new spreadable butter

18 March
00:00 2008
Everybody loves the taste of fresh, creamy dairy butter and many more love the convenience of having a butter product they can spread straight from the fridge.

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Now consumers can enjoy that convenience and taste combined in one great new product. Loseley Naturally Softer Butter is 100 per cent butter with nothing added and nothing taken away.

The reason why Loseley does not have to add other ingredients to its butter in order to make it spreadable is all due to the cows that produce the milk and their very special diet.

Loseley naturally spreadable butter is churned using milk from specially selected herds so when their cream is churned it never becomes as hard as traditional butter.

That means Loseley does not have to add vegetable oil to the butter (as is the case with certain other spreadable brands) and so consumers can enjoy a pure, quality product with no added ingredients.

In fact, the only thing Loseley adds is a touch of salt to enhance to enhance the butter’s already delicious flavour.

Consumers are now demanding products with no ‘hidden’ extra ingredients and so Loseley gives them exactly what they want, a butter that is just that – 100 per cent pure butter – tasting just the way traditional creamery butter should taste.

Loseley Naturally Softer Butter is available in a 250g tub. It costs £1.29.

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