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Cravendale launches its first food-to-go product

22 May
14:20 2012

Cravendale, the popular milk band, is expanding into the food-to-go category for the first time this May, launching a brand new 500ml bottle into the fixture.

On shelf now, the new format represents the first time Cravendale will moveaway from the dairy fresh food fixture, with 500ml PET bottles. The brand has ambitious growth plans and by 2016, Cravendale would like small formats to make up a significant part of Cravendale volume.

This launch gives Cravendale the opportunities to reach new markets for the first time as well as engaging with a new customer base.

Cravendale has also teamed up with Ginsters for the launch to offer the brand’s first meal deal. 500ml will be available to buy with a Ginsters pasty for £2.50 at Rontec Forecourts from June.

Cravendale 500ml bottles are available at an RSP of £0.75 in whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed variants and are on shelf in the food-to-go fixtures at Asda. 500ml is also available in milk fixtures across Waitrose, Shell, Esso, Rontec, Budgens and Londis and Cravendale is in discussions with other retailers regarding food to go listings.

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