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Cathedral City launches new twin pack

28 May
13:20 2012

Cathedral City, the nation’s favourite cheese brand, is expanding its portfolio with the introduction of Cathedral City Twin Pack, on shelf from May 2012. Containing a 350g Cathedral City Mature and 350g Cathedral City Mature Lighter, the new sku is set to appeal to convenience shoppers looking for everyday cheese for the whole family.

Cathedral City is worth £21m within Convenience, increasing in value by 13.4% YOY and continues to drive category growth through the introduction of NPD that meets the needs of both the retailer and the consumer. Stimulating usage is a key strategy for Cathedral City to grow the category and encourage shopper trade up.

Jackie Wilson, marketing manager, Cathedral City, comments: “We know that many people use more than one type of Cheddar and will have at least two types in the fridge. The variety pack will enable convenience shoppers to purchase two types together and encourage them to expand their repertoire, which is important for category growth. The mature and mature lighter variety pack is perfect for those that want a lighter cheese for mum and a regular block for the rest of the family.”

The Prepack Cheese category is worth £241m within Convenience and growing 10.9% in value. Everyday Block is the largest sector in this category worth £110.6m driven by mature, and growing 8.3% in value and 6.8% in volume.

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