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Tusker lager wins Sainsbury’s listing

30 January
00:00 2008
Tusker, East Africa’s number one lager, is adding to its recent success in the UK – by winning a listing at Sainsbury’s.

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The supermarket giant is stocking Tusker in over 75 of its stores. Tusker 500ml bottles will be on Sainsburys’ shelves from 10 February and shoppers will be able to taste a real African original.

Tusker is a premium genuine imported lager that has won fifteen gold medals at the prestigious “Monde Selection” international beer awards. Tusker is brewed using the highest quality equatorial malted barley grown at the base of Mt Kenya and in the Kenyan Rift Valley.

It is a crisp and clean- tasting lager making it a great thirst quencher as well as the ideal accompaniment to food. It is also hoped that the UK’s taste for the exotic will now be quenched.

Peter Karsten, Distributor of Tusker in the UK comments: “This is a very exciting prospect for the Tusker brand in the UK. A substantial presence in Sainsbury’s will obviously widen our audience significantly and I am sure the Sainsbury’s consumer will appreciate a truly world beer.

“Consumers in the UK are crying out for genuine imported lagers and Tusker certainly fits the bill. The British are an adventurous bunch always wanting to try something new and Tusker will not disappoint with its clean crisp taste.”

Tusker’s heritage dates back to 1922. It is loved by East African’s and has become part of the rich regional fabric. Tusker lager is named in memory of the brewery’s founder George Hurst, who was killed by a rogue elephant in 1923. The iconic elephant logo and distinctive black and gold colouring are sure to make this brand stand out from the crowd.

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