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Stella Artois chalice promotion

03 September
09:13 2010

Photo of Stella Artois Chalice promo packStella Artois is offering connoisseurs of the perfect pint the ultimate reward of a free chalice glass as part of its largest off trade
promotion this year during the lead up to the 2010 Stella Artois National and World Draught Master competitions in October.

The on pack promotion, which runs in all major multiples, independents and wholesalers from mid August enables consumers to claim their free chalice glass and create the perfect pint of Stella Artois for an enhanced in-home drinking experience.

To claim their free chalice glass, consumers need to purchase two promotional packs of 15, 18 x 284ml Stella Artois then enter the unique code online at www.stellaartois.com/wdm2010.

James Watson, Stella Artois Marketing Director for Western Europe, says: “Stella Artois is a pioneering brand that stands for heritage and quality, so we are focusing very much on the perfect pour to ensure consumers have the ultimate drinking experience every time – whether out at the pub or at home with friends.

“The chalice glass is specifically designed to keep the liquid colder for longer and is shaped to complement Stella Artois by retaining the flavour of the beer while delivering just the right amount of head.

“Over 1.3 million packs will carry the Stella Artois chalice promotion, which will generate incremental business for the off trade, boosting the brand’s retail profile and encourage repeat purchase – while at the same time supporting the on trade activity of driving consumer demand for the perfect pour.

“Last month saw the launch of a poster and TV campaign which were the first elements of this broader, global campaign for Stella Artois.

“Themed around the strapline, ‘She is a thing of beauty’, the campaign takes as its cues the Stella Artois’ pouring ritual, and compares the ritual and presentation of Stella Artois with that of a beautiful woman – and shows the quality and care that go into both,” says Watson.

The Stella Artois National Draught Master contest will take place on 13th October and the winner who will be crowned UK’s Stella Artois Draught Master will go on to represent the country at the World Draught Master event which will be held in London for the first time on 28th October.

The Stella Artois World Draught Masters 2010 is a celebration of the Stella Artois pouring ritual. It is an annual quest for perfection, rewarding those who serve Stella Artois perfectly in bars, pubs and clubs around the world.

Source: Stella Artois

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