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Maxxium accelerates into summer

21 June
10:42 2012

The UK’s third largest spirits company, Maxxium UK continues to accelerate its performance in the lead up to summer and is reinforcing its commitment to the UK spirits market with its highest ever investment in TV advertising.

The company continues to outperform total UK spirits sales, growing volume by +9.8%, in stark contrast to the category performance which declined by -1.3%. In value terms, Maxxium UK grew by +9.6% versus total spirits at +7.2%.

Maxxium is spending in excess of £3.5m on TV advertising, focusing on four of its core brands, The Famous Grouse, Sourz including recently launched Sourz Fusionz, Red Stag by Jim Beam and Stolichnaya, to raise their profiles and drive awareness during a key trading period. The advertising will be seen by a total of 95 million adults.

After 15 consecutive years on screen at Christmas, The Famous Grouse will appear for the first time outside this period with the return of the Grouse Hunt ad. As part of its integrated Famous Summer campaign, the Celebrate a Famous Summer strapline links into the sense of national pride sweeping the country. In addition to this, The Black Grouse returns with its iconic Touch ad, building on the momentum behind the brand which is growing at +44%. Combined with the forthcoming Christmas campaign, the advertising will be seen by 77% of the adult population.

While the total blends market declined by -3% in the last year, The Famous Grouse bucked the trend growing at +8% with its off trade performance alone at +13%, delivering additional sales worth nearly £24m. In the last 12 weeks, the overall category performance has improved slightly to -1%, again advanced by The Famous Grouse family which grew volume by a staggering +32%.

The world’s no.1 bourbon will also take to our screens as Red Stag by Jim Beam reinforces its credentials as the music infused bourbon. There will be significant investment in TV advertising for four months from August, as part of a partnership with Bauer including Q. This music link comes on the back of a successful tour of O2 venues across the UK where Red Stag by Jim Beam is the official shot.

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