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Charteredbrands relaunching White Satin gin

02 November
00:00 2007
One of the best-known names in spirits is relaunching with a focus on its heritage in a bid to recapture its place as one of the favourite gins on the UK market.

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White Satin has been appreciated by gin aficionados for over 200 years, and now in the portfolio of brand management company, Charteredbrands, it has been taken back to its historic roots.

The re-formulated spirit has an increased AbV of 40% and will feature 100% all-natural botanicals, as its creator, Sir Robert Burnett, intended when he first produced White Satin in the latter part of the 18th century.

White Satin has a strong history as a leading brand in the spirits sector as one of the original founding brands of the gin industry.
One of the early pioneers of the distilling industry in London, Sir Robert Burnett was responsible for the launch of White Satin in 1770. As sheriff and Lord Mayor of London, it is believed the name White Satin originated from the lining of the Lord Mayor’s robe.

Until a few years ago it was the second-best selling gin in the UK and today remains a well-recognised brand.

Indeed, a recent TNS Omnibus study saw White Satin identified as the third most recognisable gin brand amongst a selection of best-selling brands, proving that the brand retains high levels of consumer awareness.

Glen Gribbon, Managing Director at Charteredbrands, comments:

“We see real potential in the White Satin brand. Given that research proves it remains well known to consumers, and with the resurgence of classic brands in general, we are confident we can increase sales significantly and restore it to its position as one of the leading gins sold in the UK.

“Our initial target is to double retail sales of White Satin over the next two years.”

Having added White Satin to its portfolio in February 2007 after obtaining the UK rights to production and distribution from Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc, Charteredbrands is re-launching the gin into the spirits market with subtle amendments designed to take it ‘back to the future’.

The classic gin has been crafted back to its original roots. The product has been restored to the original 40% AbV, an optimum strength for gin that enhances the flavours of the natural botanicals uncovering the true character and distinct quality of the gin that replicates Sir Robert Burnett’s 18th century recipe.

Charteredbrands is confident this renaissance of one of the earliest gin brands in the UK will be recognised and welcomed by consumers.

Geraldine Coates, Author of ‘Classic Gin’ and editor of Gintime.com, comments:

“White Satin is crisp and clean on the nose, full bodied with warm spicy flavours, and a fresh, juniper palate. The quality of a well-crafted neutral grain spirit shines through. In a G and T White Satin comes into its own, its slightly sweet spiciness more than a match for the bitterness of tonic water.

“It’s great to have another traditionally distilled, proper London Dry Gin more widely available.”

The signature green bottle, with its unique form, remains unchanged, although the traditional White Satin label has been re-introduced with an updated look in striking black.

Gemma Leech, Brand Manager at Charteredbrands, adds: “With a raft of good quality gins available to consumers, White Satin needs to be competitive in terms of taste while providing good value for money. Discerning purchasers connect with brands that have provenance and authenticity, and we want to leverage the heritage of the brand and in doing so we have made modifications to take this classic London Dry Gin into the 21st Century.”

Initially, sales will focus on the off-trade, although it will also become available through a limited number of on-trade wholesalers. This will be complemented by Charteredbrands utilising their strong contacts in the wholesale/cash & carry sector.

Charteredbrands believe that the enhanced quality of the gin, allied to an attractive price point will see a considerable rise in sales.

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