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Black Star

12 May
08:35 2010

The received wisdom is that most 18 to 35 year olds are notoriously averse to being seen with drinks that they associate with their parents’ generation.

You might consider that smooth, characterful dark alcohol drinks like bourbon and whiskey would fall squarely into this category. But you would be wrong.

Sales of bourbon, which young adults drink long with cola, have seen a big increase in recent times and on the back of that increase ICB are launching Black Star, a blend of premium fermented alcohol and spirit mixed with smokey bourbon flavours and containing sour mash, whiskey and oakwood flavours.

Black Star has the smooth, smokey flavour that young adults obviously enjoy, but at 22% ABV is significantly lower than bourbon.
John Mills MD of ICB: “Sales of “light spirits and liqueurs” are in rapid growth in both the On and Off Trades. Consumers aged between 18 and 35 are looking for new taste experiences and are turning to distinctive beverages which they add their own individuality to by enjoying with their favourite mixers, or in cocktails.

“Our experience is that increasing numbers of this audience really like the fact that they can choose a drink that offers all the taste and flavour they seek but has a much lighter %ABV profile, so less of the adverse side effects of full strength spirits and liqueurs.”

22% ABV Black Star is available in a 70cl bottle.

Source: ICB

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