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Chupa Chups offer

Chupa Chups, the children’s confectionery brand, is o­ffering a summer combo pack to five lucky readers of Independent Retail News. Winners will receive the flagship Chupa Chups Wheel display, a selection of products from the Chupa Chups kids’ range and an exclusive Chupa Chups towel, in total worth more than £100 at retail.

Children’s sweets is the biggest sector in sugar confectionery and the Chupa Chups portfolio gives retailers the opportunity to build their range in-store. By also o­ffering multi-buy promotions, shopkeepers can replicate o­ffers that have worked well in the multiple sector and help grow their confectionery sales.

Products such as Shootz, Melody Pops, XXL Lollipops, Crazy Dips, Babol Tutti Frutti and Cotton Candy, with recommended retail prices between 33p and 40p, can be combined in multi-buy promotions of ‘two for 50p’.

The Chupa Chups logo is recognised around the world and the wheel display will stand out on any store’s counter. The Classic lollipops are supplemented by Melody Pops, the whistling lolly, and XXL, a giant lollipop with a bubblegum centre.

But Chupa Chups is about more than just lollipops: its new Shootz brand o­ffers a packet of colourful chewy candy pieces, while Crazy Dips combines a dipping lollipop with popping candy. Finally, Chupa Chups Babol Tutti Frutti and Chupa Chups Cotton Candy are designed to bring “fun and excitement” to the bubble gum segment.

Chupa Chups is urging retailers to get ready for the summer, when consumption of sugar confectionery increases among children and teenagers

The first five names drawn each win a summer combo pack.