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Walkers Max offer

Walkers, the number one brand in the crisps, snacks and nuts category, is giving 12 lucky readers the chance to win the latest Walkers Max three-case stacker to celebrate the launch of its Flamin’ Hot flavour. The stacker will also include the existing Cheese & Onion and Paprika variants of Walkers Max, a range that is exclusive to independent retailers.

“At PepsiCo, we’ve kick-started 2015 by supporting independent retailers with some exciting activity and launches exclusive to the impulse channel,” says Matt Goddard, field sales director. “In January, we extended our 39p value snacks range with Monster Munch and now we are adding to the Max range with Flamin’ Hot.

“Walkers Max is completely exclusive to impulse. The popular range offers good-value and great-tasting products for consumers wanting a snack on-the-go. Single-serve snacks currently account for one-third of crisps, snacks and nut sales in impulse. At Walkers, we’re committed to developing innovative products and flavours to add excitement and further sales for retailers, while driving category growth.”

The launch of the new flavour will also be supported with in-store POS and display materials.

For more information about Walkers Max and how to make the most of your snacking fixture, visit www.countsformore.co.uk, the PepsiCo online rewards and category management website.

PepsiCo introduced “Counts for More” last year following consultation with retailers. The site allows Walkers’ trade customers to receive incentives and tailored category advice to ensure they are stocking the right range and growing their business.

The first 12 names drawn will each receive a fully stocked Walkers Max three-case stacker.

Matchless offer

Matchless is a premium brand of e-cigarettes that has been established for five years and claims to be the most popular brand in specialist tobacconist shops.

Matchless Tanks, refillable vaping devices available in outers of five for use with Matchless e-liquids, retail at £15.99. Matchless e-liquids are available in six varieties.

The Red tobacco flavour e-liquid (24mg) is the most popular, as many consumers wish to replicate the flavour of tobacco in combination with a full-strength hit. They retail at £3.99 each.

This week we have free products to give away. The first five names drawn will each receive one outer of five Matchless Tanks and one outer of Matchless e-liquids, which would normally cost retailers £69.20 and sell to customers for £119.85.

Win Vimto stock

Vimto is giving five readers of Independent Retail News the chance to win £50-worth of free Vimto RTDs.

Vimto’s sales value recently topped £69m, growing at 6.2% a year and outperforming the category as a whole, which is experiencing growth of just 0.4%.

Vimto’s RTD range grew by 26% last year, which the company says is because it supports the current trends for both on-the-go consumption and healthier lifestyles, given its availability in no added sugar variants. The 500ml still sports cap range is currently growing at 19% a year, with the limited edition Strawberry still no added sugar 500ml sports cap variant having recently become a permanent addition to the range.

The 250ml no added sugar still sports cap mini PET single bottle continues to perform well, says Vimto. The variant targets mums looking for alternative healthier options for their children when out and about, as well as being at an ideal pocket money price for kids.

This week we have £250-worth of free product to give away. The first five names drawn win £50-worth of product each.

AG Barr offer

AG Barr is offering three retailers the chance to win eight cases each of its new variant of KA, the leading flavoured Caribbean-style carbonate. The new product is said to be the UK’s first sparkling sour cherry drink and is based on the brand’s existing Sour Cherry Caribbean fruit flavour.

According to Adrian Troy, head of marketing at AG Barr, the KA brand is now growing at 11%, giving it a 40% share of the £40m Afro-Caribbean category in the UK and making it twice as big as any other brand in this market. The new variant has been launched to build on this success, with 84% of shoppers saying that they would buy it, he adds.

The first three names drawn will each win eight cases of KA Sparkling Sour Cherry in 49p price-marked cans.