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Win some No Fear Extreme Energy

No Fear Extreme Energy is continuing to expand its range of energy drinks by introducing a new citrus ­ flavour to its £1 range, which already includes  “customer favourites”  Blue and Tropical  Storm ­ flavours.

The £1 price is said to offer value for money for the consumer while remaining profitable for the trader.

No Fear Extreme Energy is designed to be “synonymous with being innovative” and the £1 price-marked citrus ­ flavour is no different.

Containing the same “high-energy, stand-out packaging and great taste, the sharp but refreshing citrus taste is designed to attract new consumers and in turn deliver an incremental sales boost to retailers”.

No Fear brand manager Neal Haworth says: “The functional energy category is continuing to grow at an ever-increasing rate and consumers are constantly looking for new and exciting ­ flavours to try.”

This week, No Fear Extreme Energy is offering five readers the chance to win £50-worth of product for their store. The first five names drawn win £50-worth of product.

Multicig e-cigarette offer

Multicig is giving readers the chance to win one of 20 e-cigarettes, each one equivalent to 40 regular cigarettes and aimed at anyone looking to make the transition from smoking to ‘vaping’.

The Multicig e-cigarette gives the “satisfaction of traditional cigarettes” without the smell, tar, ash or smoke and the range of products is said to cover all aspects of the e-cigarette experience.

Whether you are looking for disposables, trial kits or starter kits, all of Multicig’s products have been “extensively tested to ensure they are of the highest standard”.

The Multicig e-cigarette has been designed to be stylish, satisfying and easy to use. It is also said to cost significantly less than traditional cigarettes.

The first 20 names drawn win a Multicig e-cigarette.

Win Flash products

Flash continues to be a ­firm favourite among consumers when it comes to home cleaning and remains a best-seller in-store.

For that reason alone, independent retailers should ensure they are stocking the bestselling core SKUs from the range. The brand also continues to invest in innovation, launching Flash Liquid Gel in 2013 and, most recently, Flash Magic Eraser – a format  change, which is set to “revolutionise the  cleaning category”, under the strapline: “It looks like a  sponge, but it cleans like magic!”

The product is made from melamine foam, which removes the most stubborn of marks with the addition of water. Once water is added, the melamine hardens and forms little triangles that create numerous scraping edges.

This week P&G is offering seven lucky retailers the chance to each win four cases of Flash Lemon and one case of Bold Lavender to help drive their homecare sales. The first seven names drawn win the product.