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Tesco reports rising sales of Prosecco over the festive season

02 January
11:19 2013

Tesco says Prosecco has proved to be the star of the fizz category in 2012, with sales already double what they were last year. The retailer says that despite the general downturn in sales of fizz across all retailers this year, sales of sparkling wine Prosecco have been bucking the trend over the festive season.

Tesco wine category manager Alain Guilpain said: “What makes the rising demand for Prosecco even more startling is that until about five years ago it was generally only known by connoisseurs.

“But it has grown by word of mouth and has become our fastest growing fizz this year, not only riding the credit crunch storm but emerging as a true winner because of its great quality and keen price point.

“Judging by strong sales and record orders in the last few weeks it looks very much as if a record number of Brits will be drinking Prosecco over the festive season.

“Prosecco is well established as a popular alternative to champagne in Europe – but now it looks as if it will also become a household name over here.”

The wine gets its name from the Glera or Prosecco white grape variety which is grown mainly in the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene wine-growing regions of north east Italy. It is a fresh and lively wine with crisp, fruit-driven character, often compared to apples and dessert pears with a clean, refreshing finish.

Prosecco was the original wine used in both the Bellini (sparkling wine and peach puree) and Spritz cocktails (sparkling wine and orange liqueur).

Source: Tesco

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