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Ryvita benefits from healthy eating trend

02 June
00:00 2008
With healthier eating trends at the forefront of the news agenda, the cracker and crispbread market is an important indicator of healthier snacking trends.

The market is currently worth £231.1m , while the healthier snacking segments (“Light Meals”, “Everyday Munchies”, and “Keeps You Going”) within the cracker and crispbread market are now worth £135.9m.

Ryvita in the Marketplace

Ryvita now sits at the no. 3 position in the Crackers and Crispbread market, according to the latest AC Nielsen data . With 17.2% share of the market, Ryvita’s success has left them just 0.2% behind Quaker.

As a market leader Ryvita is firmly committed to growing the healthier snacking sector and is recognised as the signpost brand for healthier snacking. The brand is currently worth £39.6m overall and driving category value remains as ever at the forefront of Ryvita’s ever-expanding healthier snacking portfolio.

As the Ryvita product range grows, so does the brand’s ability to create impact in-store and therefore encourage new users into the healthier snacking category. Our aim is to continue to develop and grow our product portfolio to provide a tasty, healthier solution for any snacking occasion, as well as to encourage trade-up from other healthier snacking products.”

Ryvita Goodness Bars
Launched in January ’06, Ryvita Goodness Bars are chewy wholegrain rye bars, packed with fruit and pumpkin seeds. They are available in 4 variants Mixed Berry, Apple & Sultana and Cranberry & Raisin and lastly Cherry which was launched in January ‘07.

They are one of the only bars with no added sugar, 3% fat, around 62 calories and prebiotic. These innovative bars use vegetable fibres, rather than glucose syrup, sugar or honey to hold the ingredients together, which work jointly to give a prebiotic effect, as well as being high in fibre.

Ryvita Goodness Bars have proved extremely successful for the brand and are currently worth £4.5 million enjoying fantastic year on year growth of 24%.

Following this success, Ryvita is now introducing the new Ryvita Goodness Bar Luxury range to their ever-expanding portfolio. This range extension is the natural next step for the brand, using their expertise to venture into the premium cereal bar market with a genuinely healthier offering.

As with the original Ryvita Goodness Bar range, the new bars will be available in both multi-packs and impulse single bars. The launch is expected to further reinforce Ryvita as market leaders in the healthier snacking market, providing retailers with another tasty, healthier way to boost sales.

The new range is available in two delicious flavours, Ryvita Goodness Bar Luxury Fruit & Nut and Ryvita Goodness Bar Luxury Cranberry, Date & Almond.

The bars are just 111 calories, less than 7% fat, and have luxuriously chunky pieces of fruit and nuts. Reflecting the healthier credentials of the core Ryvita Goodness Bar range, the new products are also prebiotic, have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, no added sugar and are high in fibre.

The snack bar category presents a valuable opportunity for retailers to maximise profits and is currently worth £321m annually and growing at a rate of 7.9% year-on-year.

Ryvita Goodness Bars currently have listings in all major retailers as well as independent retail outlets nationwide and are showing significant distribution gains.

Ryvita Crispbread
The introduction of a new generation of Ryvita Crispbread started in June 2005 with the launch of whole seed topped Crispbread in pumpkin or sunflower seeds; together with the launch of Snack Packs in the summer of 2007 and now Ryvita Mediterranean Flavoured Crispbread in January 2008 they will all work towards driving incremental growth of the category, Ryvita Crispbread is currently worth £25.1m.

Ryvita Muesli Crunch
Ryvita extended its range of healthier snacks with the introduction of Ryvita Muesli Crunch in January 2007, a sweet snack, which is designed to be eaten un-topped.

Reflecting consumer demand, the new launch is expected to help further drive the healthier sweet biscuits sector of the Biscuits market, which has shown growth of 7.0% year-on-year and accounts for 19.0% of the total category.

Ryvita Muesli Crunch will be located in the biscuit aisle to further communicate its usage occasions and highlight that it does not require topping.

Ryvita Mediterranean Flavoured Crispbread
New Ryvita Mediterranean Flavoured Crispbread is available in two Mediterranean inspired variants, Tomato & Basil and Garlic & Rosemary. Both flavours have 80% less fat and 50% more fibre than leading competitors?.

Introduced to cater for the increasing consumer demand for tasty genuinely healthier options, the new products are a delicious twist on the classic Ryvita Crispbread that consumers love, as well as offering retailers the chance to drive incremental category value.

As expected from the signpost brand for healthier snacking, Ryvita have ensured that this new product will continue to leave its competitors in its shadows. Providing a genuinely healthier snack, it is low in fat (only 0.2% fat per slice), between 39-43 calories per slice, high in fibre, made with all natural ingredients and is 93% wholegrain.

Ryvita’s marketing director, Nigel Nelms comments, “The unerring determination of the Ryvita team to consistently provide innovative, tasty and healthy products has borne these two fantastic variants. The new Flavoured Ryvita Crispbread not only taste great, they are dramatically healthier than our closest competitors and we are confident that consumers will recognise this, reinforcing their trust in the health credentials of the entire Ryvita portfolio. We’re very proud of the range, which offers a spin on a much loved favourite and that we aim to be welcomed by not only faithful Ryvita Crispbread fans but also the growing number of health conscious consumers looking for something new.”

Launching in January, the new Flavoured Ryvita Crispbread can be enjoyed with a favourite topping, as a healthy accompaniment to a dip or even straight from the pack and will be available in 200g packs with an RRP of £1.15, and will be found with other healthier crispbreads in the savoury biscuits aisle.

Ryvita Snack Packs
Ryvita’s much-loved Crispbread has recently been introduced in a new handy Snack Pack format, building upon the brand’s appeal to consumers looking for convenient healthier snacking options outside the home.

Available in Multi-Grain and Sesame variants, each box contains 5 individually wrapped snack packs of 4 Crispbreads. The convenient snack pack format presents a valuable opportunity for retailers to appeal to consumers who are looking for healthier on-the-go options.

Ryvita Crispbreads are packed with the goodness of wholegrain rye, high in fibre and made with only natural ingredients – perfect for health conscious consumers – and the Multi-Grain and Sesame variants tap into the increasing demand for wholesome and seeded products.

The launch of Ryvita Crispbread Snack Packs once again reinforces Ryvita’s commitment to the market and presents a valuable opportunity to retailers.

Our aim for Ryvita Crispbread Snack Packs is to continue to develop and grow our product portfolio to provide a tasty, healthier solution for any snacking occasion and inspire consumers to add our new products to their healthier eating repertoire.

[Ryvita Minis
Ryvita Minis, launched in August 2004 have enjoyed huge success, currently worth £9.3m.

The 5 strong flavours including Mature Cheddar & Onion, Worcester Sauce, Cream Cheese & Chive, Sweet Chill and Salt & Vinegar have recently been joined by a new range of Limited Edition Ryvita Minis, starting with Thai flavour in October 2007.

The Limited Edition Thai Ryvita Minis, a sweet and spicy fusion with hints of chili, lime, lemongrass and garlic, offer consumers a healthier snacking option that tastes great. As with all of the Ryvita Minis range, they have wholegrain goodness in every bite.

The Limited Edition Thai Ryvita Minis contain 100 calories and only 3% fat per pack, making them a low fat product in accordance with FSA guidelines (a snack is only officially low fat if it’s 3% or under

The new range of Limited Edition Ryvita Minis will all come under the banner ‘Britton’s Favourites’ with messaging from TV favourite and star of the Ryvita ads Fern Britton on the back-of-pack.

Commenting on the new range, Ryvita marketing director, Nigel Nelms said “We started our relationship with Fern Britton in 2005 promoting Ryvita Minis, and are proud to strengthen our relationship by calling the new limited edition range “Britton’s Favourites” together with a message on pack from the lady herself.

“We’re delighted with the new offering and are sure it will only add to the success of the Ryvita Minis range, which is currently the fastest growing bagged snack in convenience (+21% YoY).”

Limited Edition Thai Ryvita Minis will be available from October with bright new eye-catching packaging; they will be merchandised alongside the rest of the Ryvita Minis range in store with an RRP of 49p.

Ryvita Mediterranean Crispbread
• Available Tomato & Basil and Garlic & Rosemary
• 80% less fat and 50% more fibre than leading competitors
• 39-43 calories per slice
• 93% wholegrain
• RRP £1.15
• Made from wholegrain rye

Ryvita Crispbread snack packs

• Available in Multi-Grain & Sesame
• Made from wholegrain rye
• High in all important fibre
• 4 slices per individual snack pack
• Made with only natural ingredients

Ryvita Goodness Bar Luxury range

• Available in Luxury Fruit & Nut and Luxury Cranberry, Date & Almond
• 111 Calories per bar
• Less than 7% fat per bar
• Available in both multi-packs and impulse single bars
• No added sugar
• No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
• SRP £0.69p a bar and £1.89 for box of 3 bars

Ryvita Museli Crunch

• Oven baked Crispbread with currants, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, oats and kibbled rye, sweetened with honey and brown sugar
• 57 Calories per slice
• 1.0g fat per slice
• SRP £1.29 for a 200g pack
• GDAs printed on pack

Ryvita Goodness Bars

• Chewy wholegrain rye bars, packed with fruit and contain pumpkin seeds
• 3% fat
• No added sugar
• Around 62 calories
• Prebiotic
• SRP 39p single bar and £1.79 for six pk
• Available in Mixed Berry, Apple & Sultana and Cranberry & Raisin and Cherry variants
• GDAs printed on pack
• Available in singles to accommodate impulse/convenience offering as well as packs of six

Ryvita Minis

• Crunchy, irresistible bagged snacks with a mighty taste
• Only 3% fat
• SRP 49p
• Available in five mouth-watering flavours – Mature Cheddar & Onion, Worcester Sauce, Cream Cheese & Chive, Sweet Chilli and Salt & Vinegar
• GDAs printed on pack
• Limited Edition Range “Britton’s Favourites” launched October 2007

Ryvita Crispbread

• Traditional Crispbread made with wholegrain rye
• Just 31-48 calories per slice
• High in fibre
• SRP Multigrain & Sesame 65p, Original & Dark Rye 49p
• Available in Original, Dark Rye, Sesame, Multi-Grain

Whole Seed Topped Ryvita Crispbread

• Delicious combination of wholegrain rye crispbread and whole pumpkin or sunflower seeds
• Low Gi Crispbread
• SRP £1.29
• Available in Sunflower Seeds & Oats and Pumpkin Seeds & Oats variants

Traffic Lights vs. GDAs?
In line with Ryvita’s brand positioning and transparent approach to communicating nutritional information in helping the consumer to eat healthily, our products feature the FSA recommended 5 GDAs – calories, sugar, fat, saturates, salt as well as fibre.

And is supported on the back of pack with a table showing actual GDAs and percentages for a typical adult. The guidelines are in addition to a tick box mechanic, which is featured on the front of pack to communicate our genuine health credentials, including low fat, high in fibre and containing simple rye goodness.

Merchandising Tips:
“As the Ryvita range of healthier snacking products expands, so does the impact the products have on-shelf reinforcing its position as the signpost brand for healthier snacking in the category. The prominent red and white Ryvita logo, is instantly recognisable and immediately communicates the health and taste credentials of the range to consumers.”

Ryvita’s Merchandising Guidelines

? Ryvita Muesli Crunch – to be positioned within the healthier sweet biscuit fixture as research shows consumers actively searching for this type of product as an incremental purchase
? Ryvita Crispbread – blocking the whole range together gives maximum impact on-shelf and encourages consumers to trade up
? Ryvita Minis – both savoury and sweet Ryvita Minis to be positioned alongside healthier bagged snacks, food to go, front of store and petrol filling stations
? Ryvita Goodness Bars & New Goodness Bar Luxury – single bars to be situated next to till points and “Food to go” areas for healthier, impulse purchase. Multi-packs should be situated alongside mainstream snack bars to offer a healthier store cupboard choice
? Use POS devices as a further sign-post for the consumer
? Make sure product has enough space to maximize opportunities especially around the healthier seasons (Jan/Feb, Slimming for summer post Easter and during promotional activity)

Marketing activity:
Britton Loves Ryvita…

Ryvita is committed to supporting both its core product range and NPD with extensive marketing and advertising support. Fern Britton has starred in tongue-in-cheek TV advertising for Ryvita Minis since 2004 to promote a healthy, balanced attitude to healthier snacking. The television supremo has now been signed up to promote Ryvita’s whole range of products, including Crispbread and Ryvita Goodness Bars.

The campaign creatives follow the same tongue-in-cheek feel of the original Ryvita Minis ads, but extend the boundaries of the concept…

The Ryvita Crispbread ads show Fern in many situations and guises including a bricklayer, schoolgirl and yoga instructor – proof that no matter who you are, everyone has their own tasty toppings idea for Ryvita’s much loved Crispbread. Britton – and Britain – truly loves Ryvita!

A series of adverts also shines the spotlight on the virtues of Ryvita Minis, Ryvita Goodness Bars and the new Ryvita Muesli Crunch. In these adverts we see Fern (as herself!) enjoying these delicious snack options in amusing ways.

The ads were created by Mortimer Whittaker O’Sullivan (MWO) and media planning is handled by ZenithOptimedia. The £3.5 million TV advertising campaign will be featured in primetime TV spots and is estimated to reach 96% of Ryvita’s target audience.

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