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New Tesco discount products cater for kids

13 February
10:27 2009

Photo of tesco chip 2Tesco is expanding its discount range further to include children’s products and a skincare range.

Another 100 products – such as the Molly and Jack kids’ offerings – are being added to the range because consumers are no longer buying “excess”, said UK marketing director Carolyn Bradley.

She defended the retailer’s move into the discount market after some critics suggested it is confusing shoppers.

According to Bradley, Tesco research has proven that shoppers want more choice and the Discount range provides it.

The company originally brought the range out in autumn in an effort to compete more aggressively with Aldi and Lidl, which have seen an influx of shoppers during the credit crunch.

It expanded the size of the range at the beginning of the year, with dog food and cupcakes among the new items.

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