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Couples plan to ‘stay at home’ on Valentine’s Day, says Waitrose

10 February
09:57 2012

Couples will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a home-cooked dinner for two as Waitrose research reveals that more than 70% of couples will be staying in this year.

It Is not just women who are going to be doing all the cooking this year, as 50% of men plan to cook a romantic meal for their partner but over 55% of them will only be preparing a one- course meal.

People will be putting a lot of  attention into creating the Valentine’s menu, with over 80% cooking the meal from scratch.

Foods considered to be an aphrodisiac will feature high on the menu with couples tucking into asparagus (51%), chocolate (57%), oysters (48%) and strawberries (48%).

The top tipple of choice is traditional red or white wine to match their chosen dishes. Sparking wine followed by champagne were the next most popular drinks to be served on the 14 February.

And the meal that is considered the most romantic on Valentine’s Day with over a quarter of votes is a steak. Italian dishes, especially pasta, are considered the next best option for those feeling amorous, and burgers, perhaps unsurprisingly, were least popular. Less than 1% would choose one to get them in the loving mood.

Waitrose executive chef Jonathan Moore said: “It’s great to hear that most people will be in the kitchen this Valentines’ cooking up a storm to impress their loved one. Cooking is a great way to show someone how much you care, and the effort of preparing a dish from scratch is very romantic.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple pasta dish, or a fancy three course meal – the sentiment is just the same.”

Source: Waitrose

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By Mike Dennis

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