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Brits spend 13 hours shopping for Christmas, reveals Sainsbury’s

13 December
10:53 2011

The average Brit spends 829 hours (34.5 days), shopping for Christmas in their lifetime, equivalent to over 13 hours each year, according to the latest research from Sainsbury’s.

The research also revealed the level of commitment needed to prepare the Christmas dinner with the average Brit requiring 6.3 hours of preparation, that’s from the supermarket shelf to the plate. In fact, even after the arduous preparation time the average family takes just 75 minutes to enjoy the most anticipated meal of the year.

To take some of the time and expense out of Christmas shopping, Sainsbury’s Brand Match – a promise that the supermarket will match Tesco and Asda on over 14,000 branded grocery lines and take the hassle out of bargain hunting can re-assure customers on shopping for everyday items this year.

While we might be preparing for a frugal Christmas, it’s not all doom and gloom this December. In terms of getting us into the festive spirit, the research shows that buying a Christmas tree marks the start of the festive period, with over a third (36%) of households saying that this single act marked the start of their holiday cheer – beating buying the obligatory turkey (14%) and traditional mince pies (13%).

Partners and spouses are in line to receive the most expensive gifts this year, with 35% of the population planning on showering their loved one with the most lavish gifts.

Dads, however, are unlikely to fair quite as well with just 1% of Brits planning to spend the most on treating their fathers with Christmas presents. Sisters will also feel the squeeze with only 2% of the population planning to spend the most on their sister.

However, with budgets squeezed it seems we won’t be lavishing our work colleagues with gifts this year. Top of the list of spending bugbears amongst hard-up Brits is office related costs with one-fifth (22%) stating they did not enjoy taking part in Secret Santa gifting in the office.

Source: Sainsbury’s

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