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Marmite and Bovril sausages hit Tesco shelves

23 April
00:00 2007
Thanks to a blossoming relationship with Tesco, Broad Oak is proud to announce that both its Marmite and Bovril based offerings are ready to roll out in plenty of time for National BBQ week (28 May – 2 June).

It’s about this time of the year that millions of outdoor chefs are dispatched to the bottom of the garden to survey the current state of that most important of patio fixtures, the BBQ.

The UK is now far and away the biggest BBQ nation in Europe. In 2006 alone BBQ related sales were up 10%, further fuelling a food sector conservatively valued at £3bn a year (over 110 million occasions a year).

Even though today’s outdoor eating aficionado has exposure to a more discerning choice of fare, it’s still the good olde British banger that continues to rule the grill – sausages are worth £578m of which 31% are premium/butcher’s.

Even though today’s sausages come fully armed with almost every conceivable herb, fruit and meat, it was left to Broad Oak to bring those great bastions of Britishness, Marmite and Bovril back to the kitchen table.

According to Roger Simons, owner of the family business, whose sausages sailed on the maiden voyage of the Queen Mary: “We were keen to take sausages back to a more nostalgic time, a period when memorable, feisty flavours ruled the waves.”

The sausages come in packs of six with an rsp of £2.29. They are available at Tesco and a number of leading independents.

Marmite flavour is out now. Bovril variant is out later this Summer.

Marmite and Bovril are members of the Unilever stable of brands.

Sales enquiries: Jane Woodward 07803 120 681

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