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Nisa to launch new TV advert on boxing day

14 December
11:32 2012

Nisa has announced that it will be launching its brand new television advert for the third consecutive year on the 26th December, alongside a consumer marketing campaign.

The concept behind the advert focuses on the great range and offers available at Nisa members’ stores and the execution of this message sees a dog undertaking a variety of activities such as reading a newspaper and playing a guitar as his owner spends a considerable amount of time in the store taking advantage of the deals available.

The company is also running a series of marketing activities to help stimulate further awareness of the television advert and is producing 30,000 toys that resemble the dog in the TV advert, which will be given away to customers spending £10 in store. The Nisa dog will also appear on numerous marketing materials such as the consumer leaflet, national press adverts and on the consumer website, as well as the Nisa social media pages along with the TV slogan, ‘it’s shopping, but nicer’.

The advert, which was directed by BAFTA award winner Matt Lipsey, who won an award for the popular comedy series Little Britain, was filmed at a Nisa Local store in Stevenage owned by retailers Kishor and Pat Patel.

John Sharpe, managing director of central distribution, trading and logistics, commented, “The advert communicates the fantastic offers that Nisa retailers have in store. Nisa members’ stores aren’t just for top-up shopping, they also provide a great range and promotions on a wide selection of branded and own label products and it was important that this was portrayed through the advert.”

Source: Nisa

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