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Convenience stores urge ministers to ensure councils follow new planning guidelines

23 April
14:52 2012

Local shops have called on ministers to make sure the “positive, pro-high street, changes” to planning policy are properly implemented by local authorities.

Shane Brennan, public affairs director at the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS), told the National Retail Planning Forum today: “Ministers listened to our concerns about high streets and the National Planning Policy Framework is stronger as a result.

“National policy reforms are however just the beginning of a process that can create a new wave of investment in our high streets; more needs to be done.

“Firstly, ministers must show their commitment to their new policy from day one. This means stepping in to prevent retail developments that have been approved by councils but contravene national policy.

“Secondly councils have to work with their community and local businesses to plan for the future of their town district and neighbourhood centres. Their plans should have promoting diversity, choice and access at their core.

“The ACS will be providing guidance that helps retailers and councils to work together to achieve this.”

Source: ACS

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By Mike Dennis

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